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Oily Skins give the face an ugly look, making it appear greasy and too shiny, although in general this type of skin tends to be dehydrated. If your skin suffers from this oily condition, with a colour that doesn’t appeal to you, and you also notice that your epidermis doesn’t perspire frequently, then you should try our oily skin serum.

Suitability: It works nourishing the skin from within. It also controls the production of fat and grease, since its field of action concentrates on restructuring the production of skin-deep cells.
Composition: Amongst this synergy of essential and vegetable oils we must highlight ROSEMARY VERBENONE, which is a great cell regenerator, and jojoba vegetable oil, in itself a liquid wax, which will give elasticity to the skin without greasing it up.
Recommended use: Once a day.

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