Did you know that aromatherapy is actually a thousand-year-old technique which has been used ever since the beginning of civilisation? Eventhough the term was formalised at the beginning of the 20th Century by the french chemist René-Maurice Gattefose, in the old times the chinese, hindus, egyptians, greeks and romans were using the essential oils stemming from plants in their cosmetics, parfums, and even medicines.

Scientific aromatherapy is based mainly on the use of several essential oils, of defined chemical composition, in order to prevent but also heal different illnesses.

We understand essential oils as volatile molecules that are extracted from aromatic plants by means of distillation, using water steam at low pressure.

When we use aromatherapy products we are trusting in all the qualities of essential oils, which are inhaled or directly applied on the skin. All products manufactured by means of aromaterapy not only have a desireable smell, but also own anti-infectious qualities against viruses and bacteria, plus anti-inflammatory qualities which can be very helpful with certain diseases.

Other qualities from essential oils:

They help you relax, balance the nervous system, act as antidepressant, aphrodisiac, stimulates the brain , may be used as painkillers, expectorant, diuretic, astringent, antibiotic or simply to hydrate, among others.
Moreover, essential oils may be used in combination with vegetable oils in order to prepare beauty products and other therapeutic mixtures as part of a holistic approach, hence its recommendation not only for personal, but also for professional use.
Visit our store. Trust Aromatherapy, and your life will change, guaranteed.

Our products don’t have:
Chemical molecules, nor mineral oils used in non-regulated distillations, they don’t have synthetic colouring nor artificial parfums.

They are not contaminated with traces of other essential oils.
We don’t discolour them nor modify its molecular structure.

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