Beauty Pack

Once summer is over and with the change of season the skin is prone to certain conditions, even allergies, that may affect our mood.

Therefore we encourage you to trust us, we can tailor your cosmetic products to your needs. La5essenzia is our own brand for aromatherapy products.

If you buy a beauty pack, consisting of a facial cleanser, a hydrating serum and a personalised cream we will offer you a free radiofrequency session at “Sol i Lluna centre d’estética” *, where they can assess you further and recommend which other treatments you can follow to stay beautiful., donde te seguirán asesorando de que tratamiento debes seguir para estar más bella.

As for Radiofrequency, it is a type of alternate electrical current which is very effective in order to tighten the skin. Technically speaking, what chanelled radiofrequency does is to create a type of energy commonly used to raise temperature on the skin tissue. The way facial radiofrequency works on applying heat on the skin creates a resistance within the tissue by means of higher temperature.

The cells in charge of producing collagen are called fibroblasts, and they receive this heat, which in turn wakes them up from the lethargy of timepassing, thus reactivating its vital purpose. In other words, the heat induced through radiofrequency stimulates the creation of new collagen fibre, which is responsible for our skin’s strength and elasticity.

* Once the sale is finalised, we will contact you in order to work on your own tailored cream.
* “Sol i Lluna centre d’estetica” is located on calle Pare Esteban Pernet 27 - 46014 Valencia


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