We hereby introduce you to the latest developments freshly manufactured at our lab. We aim to constantly surprise you with new serums, oils and other products with which you will benefit from the power of aromatherapy.
Give health. Gift La5Essenzia.
Would you like to make a unique present, one that is especial and personalised? You can gift health and wellness to the body. At La5Essenzia we prepare your order so that your present is more special, with a natural and careful wrapping.

You just need to tell us that your order is to be prepared as a gift. We remind you that we can gift wrap any of our essential oils. We therefore invite you to browse through our website and discover all of our natural cosmetics and the principales of aromatherapy for your health.

Mucolytic Oil

The mucolytic from La5Esenzia contains within itself mucolytic, expecorant, anti-flu and anticatarrhal qualities. You can use it several times a day and this way you will soon note your accumulated mucus to flow out.

Composition: The natural mucolytic from La5Essenzia is manufactured based in a mixture of essential oils such as eucalyptus, rosemary and laurel, amongst others.

Recommended use: Mix 3 or 4 droplets in a greasy solvent, which may be a spoonful of honey or vegetable oil, or else some breadcrumbs.

Price 5 ml; 9€

Scar reducer Oil

Would you like to improve the look of your scars? Provided they are recent, we still have time.

We bring you the perfect combination of essential and vegetable olis in order to give your skin the hydration and elasticity that it needs.

Composition: Everlasting flower, or else rockrose. They act as healer and antihematoma. They repair and protect the dermis due to its richness in Vitamins A and E and its high percentage in fatty oils Omega 3, 6 and 9.

Recommended use: Twice or three times a day. By rubbing it mildly over the scar, you will see results after a couple of weeks.

Price 15 ml; 20€ 30 ml; 35€

Teeth Whitening

Don’t use chemicals or unnatural remedies to keep your teeth white. The best option is to choose a solution that not only protects the sensitivity of your teeth, but also helps them to regain their natural white.
You can show a perfect smile, without artificial ingredients, thanks to our teeth whitener, specially designed for you.
It improves the tonality of the enamel, as well as delay the onset of dental plaque and prevents mouth infections.

Composition: We highlight tea tree, with its wide variety of antibacterian qualities plus laurel, with antiviral, antialgic and disinfectant qualities.

Recommended use: For best results, apply a couple of droplets over the toothpaste everytime you brush your teeth.

Price 6€

Aftersun Oil

It is applied after sunbathing, with a composition to soothe and hydrate the body's skin.

In addition to repairing the harmful effects of the sun, it regenerates the skin, thanks to calendula and St. John's wort vegetable oil, and prolongs the tan, leaving a very natural color on our skin.

Price 125 ml; 25€ 250 ml; 40€

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